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Getting my (student) life back on track


When I was younger and my life didn’t go according to plan, I used to tell myself not to worry, that I didn’t have to have my ducks in a row until I was an adult.  Now that I’m 21, and officially an adult, there are still days I’m forced to use a spoon to cut my sandwiches because all of my knives are dirty.

Unfortunately, I can’t make any more excuses for spending the next five years living like this, which means it’s high time - whether I like it or not - to get my life in order. But how to do this?  Below are a few tips that helped me get things back on track.

1: A clean room

It may sound cliché, but it’s true: a clean room is a clean mind. You can focus better on homework if there’s less chaos and distraction around you. Plus, nothing beats coming home to a clean house! Not having to sift through piles of junk in the morning will also save you a lot of time.


2: Apps

You don’t have to brave this process alone. In addition to your parents and friends, who want nothing more than to help you become a better person, you can also get a helping hand from some useful apps! These days, there are plenty of free apps that can help you get things back on track. I use Todoist, which has great to-do lists with dates and times.

With this app, you’re sure to get things done on time, which is handy for those procrastinators among us (guilty!).  Of course, there are plenty of other apps out there and you could always make to-do lists by hand if you want. Just do whatever suits you best.


3: Plans

This tip may be the most important and the hardest of them all. Despite my good intentions of starting assignments early, I always end up stressed out and pulling an all-nighter the day before a deadline. What helps is to buy a weekly planner. Keep it on your desk for an instant overview of that week’s assignments and deadlines. This is particularly useful if you’re a little chaotic and forgetful. (They sell them at Hema, by the way!)

It’s also important to avoid procrastination at all costs. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a real procrastinator. But the only thing procrastination will get you is seriously stressed out. So pull up a chair, have a seat and hit the books! When you’re done, you can binge-watch your favourite Netflix show without guilt.

I realise all of this is a lot easier said than done, and it’ll take time to break those bad habits. But that’s okay! Every step in the right direction counts. Unexpected things may throw a wrench in your plans, but those are also the things that make life exciting!

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