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Arnhem has various international dormitories, right in the city centre

Studying in a different country is an adventure on many fronts. Finding suitable housing is just one of them. Finding a student room can be just as challenging in Arnhem as it is in Amsterdam and Utrecht. Do you prefer to live in the heart of the city or a little closer to campus, like in the Helix building? With more than 6,000 student rooms in and around the city centre, we will do our best to find you a suitable place to live.

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Student room vs campus

Whereas campus life is common in the United States and England, most students in the Netherlands live on their own or in small groups. This offers both advantages and disadvantages. Living on a campus makes it easier to build a social network, which is something you have to work a little harder for in Arnhem.

But in exchange you’ll enjoy more privacy and more control over your daily rhythm. You have the freedom to decide when to go out and socialise and when to stay in. In many cases, you’ll have more private facilities, such as a kitchen or a bathroom. This gives you a little extra comfort and makes your student experience in Arnhem that much more comfortable.

  • A student room in the Netherlands offers slightly more privacy and comfort

Book your room

Many international students arrange a room through SSH&, an organisation devoted entirely to offering and arranging student rooms. There are plenty of student rooms available in and around Arnhem that are specifically geared towards international students.

HAN and VHL students can use Book your Room, a service that makes it even easier to find and rent a student room. There are plenty of other options when it comes to finding a student room, so be sure to check out the tips to the right of this section.

  • Arnhem is happy to help you arrange a room!

Tips for finding a room

If you’re looking for a student room, we have some tips:

  • Visit the municipality’s English-language website to see the registration requirements during your stay in the Netherlands.

  • Start looking early to increase your chances of finding a room.

  • Contact your school to see if they can help you find a room.

  • Ask whether other international students live in the complex you’re interested in. This can make it easier to make new friends!

  • Make a budget so you know what your costs will be.

  • Find a bike. You can rent one from Swapfiets.

  • Have you made the necessary arrangements? Great! Enjoy your new room!
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