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Student City Challenge - the jury members


Pieter Sonneveld

Pieter Sonneveld has been working at Dirkzwager legal & tax since 2008. He works there as a pragmatic and passionate manager of the marketing and business development department. He is responsible for all activities concerning the office- and employer branding. This includes storytelling, advertising, sponsorship and CSR activities and event and content marketing (online and offline), business and sales development, press and media contacts, and sponsorship. 

Alongside his position at Dirkzwager, Pieter is also active as TELFA marketing member (Trans European Law Firm Alliances), board member of the Arnhem Ambassadeurs Foundation and member of the Smaakclusters steering committee in the Proeftuin 025 project. Pieter is also a mentor for the start-up initiative GoTULIP.


Kim Deelen

Kim was the lawyer of well-known (international) organizations and employees for many years. The law firm where she worked is known for her broad knowledge of employment law and is part of an international network. As a result, Kim regularly worked with lawyers abroad and partly conducted her practice in English. In addition, Kim publishes regularly and has compiled a book about the influence and consequences of dismissal. In the book she interviews her clients and relations about their experience with dismissal.

Kim completed the Grotius Employment Law specialization course (post doc) cum laude. She also participated in the Women Leadership Program (OSR). Kim is also a member of the Employee Complaints Committee, the Social Plan Guidance Committee and the Objections Committee at a care institution and is a volunteer for De Zonnebloem.

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Astrid Huitink-Jacobs

Astrid Huitink-Jacobs has a longstanding career in the banking industry both in the Netherlands and the UK. She is recently appointed as cooperative director at the Rabobank in Arnhem and its surrounding area en is also a new member of the management board of the Rabobank Region Gelderland Zuid. Astrid is known as a passionate, down-to-earth and authentic banker with a good feel of the role and challenges of the banking industry in the future. She likes to challenge people, encourage professionals to seek their maximum stretch and look for their hidden talents. As a director she is leading the local colleagues in their local commercial successes but also in making an honest en concrete contribution to the local community. She like to connect various stakeholders en stimulate people to join forces to make things happen.

Within Rabobank Gelderland Zuid, she is responsible for the business development of two important cooperative themes : sustainable living and financial resilience. Apart from being a banker she is a board manager and buddy of the LeukomteLeren Weekendschool in Arnhem and an active Rotary member. Astrid lives in Arnhem and has three up-coming students at home!


Jessica de Jaeger

Jessica de Jaeger has worked as a business and artistic director of various companies and festivals such as the Latin American Film Festival and Stichting Jens van Daele's Burning Bridges. She teaches at ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem in the field of entrepreneurship, and coordinates the diversity and inclusion portfolio of a number of courses. She also advises, coaches, programs and writes funding applications for various (film) festivals, theaters and companies. She obtained her master's degree in Human Geography of Internationalization & Development at Utrecht University in 2003. She likes to integrate her international and broad view to the cultural sector.

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